Waterbury Acts To Secure Parks Against Vandals

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A new sign at the entrance of Fulton Park Pool in Waterbury warns vandals that the building is protected.

“We have all the doors alarmed,” said Chief of Staff Joe Geary with the City of Waterbury.

Crews installed the new features earlier this month. They were put into place after the pool was vandalized over the summer, costing the city $5,400. It also forced the pool to close for days. That incident put things into perspective for city leaders. With 25 parks and 1,000 acres of open space the city has a lot of work ahead.

“We’re going to enhance these buildings the greatest extent we can,” said Geary. “We’re just going to keep going one park at a time, one park house at a time, one rec center at a time.”

Cameras, motion detectors and alarming park buildings are on the list. Some buildings and parks have already received the upgrade. Others will have to wait until later this year or next year. It’s costing the city thousands of dollars, and residents have mixed opinions about the upgrade.

“That’s fantastic after everything that did happen over the summer,” said Waterbury resident Dina Buonocore.

“I feel it’s another band-aid on a large wound that’s going on in the city as far as vandalism and graffiti,” said Anthony Santora.

“I think they should have it because vandalism has been going on,” said Stefany Martinez.

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