Overcoming The Fear Of Public Speaking

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Author and motivational speaker Jane Beard has a simple, four-step formula for getting over your fear of public speaking. Below is her T.A.L.K. formula:

T = Turn it around. Instead of thinking about what you’re feeling and how you’re doing, put your attention on the audience. Make them more important than you – the same way you’d think about making sure someone you’re playing catch with gets the ball in their hands. You’ll feel instantly better.

A = Accept the unexpected. Say yes to whatever happens. If you don’t say something you planned to say, we don’t know and we won’t miss it. Just move on to the next point.

L = Loosen your idea of what “perfect” is. Today’s audiences care about the value you deliver – not whether you said “um” and “uh” or whether you crossed your arms. That stuff is so 20th century! We live in the age of Twitter – audiences want it short, they want it clear, and they it now. You don’t need to be “perfect” to do a good job – you need to be useful.

K = Keep talking. You can’t think your way out of this problem. You can be nervous and still do a good job! The more you speak, the more comfortable you’ll be. And then you’ll be ready for that promotion, or for that once-in-a-lifetime family occasion where the spotlight is on you!

For more information, visit www.InVisibleLight.com.

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