Patients Of Avon Medical Group Complaining

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An early-October fire, at the Avon Medical Group, forced the practice to move out of its 30 West Avon Road location. But, the question some patients are asking is where did they move to?

FOX CT called the medical practice, whose telephone greeting says, “Due to the fire, our main office is currently unavailable. We are still seeing patients and the providers are still available.”

Dr. Peter Engster, one of two doctors in the Avon Medical Group, declined comment today, other than to say Dr. Satesh Singh makes all decisions for the practice. And, while cars were in the driveway at Singh’s Avon home, nobody answered the door.

“I would like some answers. I would like someone to please just call and tell me where they are,” said Margie Bidwell, of Bloomfield, who is a longtime patient of the practice.  She said she’s left 15 messages for the practice since Monday, but has also spoken to the answering service.

“Their answering service says they don’t know where they are. They don’t know where they’re practicing out of. And, they won’t tell me who the doctor on-call is,” added Bidwell, who has foot surgery scheduled for next Friday.

The Department of Public Health says Connecticut law requires a provider, upon written request from a patient or their authorized representative, to provide the medical records to the person making the request within 30 days of the request. But, in this case, where do you send that written request?

The Connecticut Attorney General’s office suggests dissatisfied patients file a claim with the Department of Public Health.

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