President Obama Stops By Cafe Beauregard In New Britain For Lunch

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Café Beauregard has only been open three months, but Thursday afternoon they served the President of the United States lunch!

Beauregard Café was chosen for a reason, the café owners pay their staff at least $10 an hour. Their stance on their workers pay fit well into the President’s schedule Thursday as he spoke about increasing the minimum wage.

Still, many were stunned to see President Obama walk through their doors.

“We figured the President had to eat somewhere and we were hoping it might be here,” said Alice Bruno with the Café.

“He had a bowl of chili, the Korean BBQ Steak Sandwich, he had the tart, and he had a drink, Snapple.”

Restaurant Owner, Rob Chiovoloni said he’s not quite sure yet if he’ll rename the sandwich to the “President’s Special.”

“Every single person has asked me that, I don’t know yet, I don’t know yet,” he said.

President Obama sat down at a table with other dignitaries but you won’t fit the chair he sat in, in the dining room anymore. The owners moved it aside to hold onto the memories.

Lara Marie Edmonds was inside, studying for law school, when she looked up she saw a familiar face.

“He saw my criminal law book, he threatened to quiz me but thankfully he didn’t,” said Edmonsa.

Next door at H&S Barber Shop the men inside got more than they bargained for.

Right before the President ate lunch he first stopped by the shop to say hello.

“I called everybody, I even called the boss, he didn’t believe me at first, until I showed him the video,” said Barber Darnell Tomlin.

Tomlin said he’ll hold onto the memories of meeting the President forever. He’s even offering up his service to President Obama, free of charge.

“Any time he wants, come sit in my chair, I got him, any time,” he said.

President Obama was joined with Gov. Malloy and other New England Governors.

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