Body Of Muriel Hurley Found In ‘Doc’ Hurley’s Former Home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The death of a key figure has led to a sad conclusion to the unraveling of the Doc Hurley Scholarship Foundation, which helped send hundreds of Hartford kids to college over nearly 40 years.

Walter “Doc” Hurley’s daughter, Muriel Hurley, who ran the foundation and has been under investigation by the state, was found dead in her father’s home yesterday. Friends say she took her own life.

Police, who were called to Doc Hurley’s home on Ridgefield Street Sunday afternoon, say an autopsy is inconclusive, pending further lab tests. But, cops say there was no evidence of trauma. They were alerted to the 52 year old’s death by a friend.

In January, the state sued Muriel Hurley, alleging she stole hundreds of thousands of dollars of foundation funds for personal use. But, friends refuse to pass judgment.

“I know she loved her father. And she did everything she could do for her father,” said Shaw Bell, Sr., a Weaver High School graduate and current school security officer, who says he’s know Muriel Hurley for over ten years.

A Hartford Courant investigation revealed that the Hurley Foundation, which had approximately $1 million on hand in 2007, was left without any money by the summer of 2011.

“You love your father that much and it gets to the point where you did something that tarnishes what he put his whole life into, it can have an effect on you,” added Bell.

For many, they are already looking forward.

“I’m very excited now that the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving is continuing to pick up that torch and I look forward to the Doc Hurley Scholarship Foundation coming back to life,” said Tim Goodwin, Principal of Weaver High School’s Culinary Academy. “ I look forward to seeing several of our students potentially receive scholarships to college.”




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