State DOT Accidentally Tweets ‘Rocky Hill Ferry Sank’

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State DOT Accidentally Tweets ‘Rocky Hill Ferry Sank’

Many people using Twitter Thursday morning may have had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1.

The state Department of Transportation sent out two errant Tweets Thursday at 11:06 a.m. The first Tweeted: “Cleared: (31914003) Ferry Update: Rocky Hill Ferry sank to the bottom of the river after being struck by the Chester Ferry.” A second Tweet followed noting: “Cleared (31914004) Ferry Update: Chester Ferry ran out of fuel and went out to sea.”

This is the second time this month the Tweets have been sent out accoring to DOT spokesman Kevin Nursick.

“There’s nothing wrong with the ferries,” Nursick said shortly after the Tweets went out. “The ferries are not running due to the high water on the Connecticut River. Hopefully we won’t have anymore stupid Tweets coming out of the DOT.”

Nursick said the culprit for the Tweets earlier in the month was a test run that went live instead of being kept in-house. On Thursday, an upgrade to the system caused the Tweets to go out once more

Peter Marteka, Hartford Courant


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