Some Troubled By Exceptions In Bill On Recording Police Activity

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

State lawmakers are considering a bill focused on when and where the public can point a camera at scenes of police activity.

Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney is a co-sponsor of House Bill 5060, “An Act Concerning The Recording Of Police Activity By The Public.”

Sen. Looney said the bill will protect people who photograph how cops handle their jobs, but critics argued the exceptions in the proposal give police more authority to order people, including the press, to shut their cameras off.

Exceptions allow police to interpret when photography may interfere with their ability to enforce the law, protect public safety, preserve a crime scene and safeguard a person’s privacy.

“It actually authorizes the police in having you turn the camera off each and every time because the exceptions are so broad they swallow the rule,” Attorney Norm Pattis said.

“No responsible officer, operating reasonably in the performance of his duties, should have anything to fear from this bill, but anyone who is acting aggressively, bullying the public or behaving improperly should be worried,” Sen. Looney said.

Sen. Looney acknowledged that police and the chief state’s attorney were involved with drafting the exceptions in Bill 5060.

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  • rick

    The day lawmakers sign off this law, you can be assured they support police brutalty…….with this type of restraint by the legal system; citizens have had the only tool at their disposal to protect themselves against authority abusing, physically abusing, and even verbally abusing officers……….these vidoes and or recordings they are considering banning……..have been witnessed by many of us showing out of control officers beating those they're supposed to protect. ……..finally…….we are all recorded unknowingly in many of the places we go to and they have no law protecting citizens……….ya really have to wond3r what reasons theyd have for thinking they are above being watched as well……….but they really do believe tbey are above those tbey protect……… cell phone laws only apply to citizens as well………..Id guess at least 3 times a week Ive witnessed officer's 8n my town not only talking on them but texting as well………….they will tell us they are trained to do so but……..Most of 7s know this is BS too

  • Clair

    Yeah, this is bs, Only another way to suppress freedom of speech and let the militarized police do as they wish with absolutely no reprocussion .anyone who votes for this should be voted out at election time…