Owner, Driver Identified in Ferrari Enzo Crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UPDATE: The driver of the car was not the owner, according to the State Police report regarding the incident. The car is owned by New Jersey resident Michael Fux, the CEO and chairman of Comfort Revolution and founder of Sleep Innovations, but was in the care of Miller Motorcars in Greenwich. The driver has been identified as Leonardo Garcia, a Ferrari technician according to Miller Motorcars website, and the passenger was identified as Daniel Palchik, an Aston Martin technician.

The police report states the car was entering I-95 on the entrance 7 ramp when it fish-tailed left, then right, before striking the bridge wall in the right shoulder, which caused it to then spin left across three lanes before hitting the divider and sliding along it. It finally came to a stop facing in the opposite direction of traffic.

Garcia suffered a minor cut on the head and was issued a ticket for failing to drive in an established lane. Palchik was uninjured.

Fux is a Cuban-born businessman and philanthropist, and has a large collection of luxury vehicles, including the “first-ever bespoke Rolls-Royce Ghost” and one of only 20 of Ferrari’s “FXX,” according to Forbes.

An accident on I-95 this morning not only caused traffic going northbound, but also damaged a very expensive car.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation reported an accident had closed the left and center lanes between Exits 8 and 9 at approximately 8:40 this morning due to a one-car accident.

Jalopnik.com, an auto enthusiast website, reports that the accident involved a Ferrari Enzo. The Ferrari reportedly there were skid marks along the highway coming from the on-ramp, and that the car spun and hit the divider. A reader of Jalopnik.com named Kyle took a photo of the accident and said it appeared there was damage to the passenger side quarter panel and engine compartment.

Only 400 Ferrari Enzos were ever produced, and the cars have 660 horsepower. The cars are all owned by private owners, and sell for at least $1 million.

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