Ukrainians in Connecticut React to Malaysian Aircraft Tragedy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Connecticut’s Ukrainian community was saddened yet outspoken in discussing the downed plane that took nearly 300 lives.

“It’s very bad. Very, very bad,” said Bohdan Dreshkevych.

Dreshkevych attends St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Hartford.

“Oh yeah, it’s like … it’s start (sic) war … so if this doesn’t finish right now … I don’t know what will happen after a few days,” said Dreshkevych.

He says the situation was escalating on the border of Russia and Ukraine for weeks.

Dreshkevych doesn’t hesitate when saying that he believes the Malaysian airliner was shot down by Russians in Ukraine, and he’s not alone.

“This is a tragedy, and what’s happening as it appears in my mind is that Russia was doing another provocation,” said George Stachiw, manager of the Ukrainian Self-Reliance Credit Union in Wethersfield.

Connecticut politicians are also weighing in on the culprit behind Thursday’s tragedy.

“To the extent that this is a consequence, one way or another, of the crisis — the military conflagration in Ukraine — then the blood is ultimately on Russia’s hands,” said U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal cautions that the U.S. must wait to gather all facts, but also calls for swift action at the appropriate time.

“I’ve advocated stronger sanctions against Russia, right away, and I’m pleased that the president’s moving in that direction,” said Blumenthal.


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  • Alexandr

    “До такой степени, что это следствие, так или иначе, кризис, военный конфликт в Украине – тогда кровь, в конечном счете, на руках России” заявил американский сенатор Крис Мерфи.

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    Американский сенатор Крис Мерфи – должен знать, что любое непроверенное заявление является провокацией. Это – я гражданин России заявляю вам господин сенатор.

    дите текст прямо здесь!