Hartford Police Crack Down On Speeding In School Zones

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

For the first day of school in Hartford, police there spent the morning enforcing speed limits in school zones.  On New Britain Avenue and Newington Street police said 50 tickets had been issued by 8 a.m. The posted speed limit is 20 mph and police said any driver going over that got a ticket.

This is part of the effort to get drivers to slow down in school zones, leading to less accidents, and minimizing the risk children are in while walking to and from school.  "One of your biggest factors for accidents is going to be speed. If people would just slow down and pay attention to the speed limit signs, there would be less accidents," said Officer Michael Diana with Hartford Police. Diana was at the intersection next to Batchelder Elementary school Tuesday morning.

Jennifer White lives on that block and said the intersection is dangerous. She walks her son to the bus stop each morning. "There's usually an accident at the corner here," White said. She's seen drivers going about 40 mph, whcich is double the speed limit.

Hartford police officers shot radar for about four hours Tuesday. Officer Diana said it is not just speeding that they have problems with around schools. "Drivers disobey crossing guards and pass stopped school buses that are unloading and loading kids," Diana said.  "They really need to pay attention when they are coming up to a crosswalk, you have kids crossing the street, they are telling drivers to stop. Drivers need to abide by that and stop."

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