CT Man Stabbed To Death In Florida

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A Connecticut man was stabbed to death in Florida, according to a press release from the Vero Beach Police Department.

Kevin Adorno, 28, of Unionville, stopped at a McDonald's in Vero Beach on his way to Miami. He was on a bike trip down the East Coast, and stopped to get a bite to eat. A witness told police that Adorno may have bought food and sat to eat before going outside to use his phone. Adorno was attacked while he was outside, and the witness tried to help him.

Police said the incident was reported at approximately 9:30 p.m.

Police released the 911 calls from the incident on Thursday. Some may find parts of the clip disturbing. 

Police said Adorno was attacked outside and then collapsed near the bathrooms in McDonald's. He was stabbed several times in the chest and arm, and died after losing a lot of blood.

Courtesy of Indian River County Sheriff's Department

Courtesy of Indian River County Sheriff's Department

A homeless man was arrested for the incident. Rene Herrera Cruz, 59, told police he stabbed Adorno because he thought the victim was on the phone telling people to attack him. Cruz mentioned he felt as if people kept watching him, and that Adorno was using his phone to take photos of him as well.

In reality, Adorno was on the phone with  his girlfriend, who he was on his way to propose to in Miami. The girlfriend told police she didn't hear Adorno argue with anyone, and the conversation ended after she heard the phone drop and later sirens in the background.

After attacking Adorno, Cruz said he ran across the street to Burger King to call police. While there, he took off his shirt--which he said felt dirty--and threw it and a second knife in the garbage. He also threw the knife he used to kill Adorno in the bushes outside of McDonald's while he was running.

Surveillance footage and witness statements confirm the suspect's recollection of events.

Courtesy of Vero Beach Police

Adorno and his girlfriend, courtesy of Vero Beach Policeevents.

Adorno graduated from Farmington High School and was the owner of Bevy Promotions and Media in Farmington.

Cruz was charged with first degree murder.

Kevin's friends and neighbors are shocked and saddened.

"He was very good, very athletic, very well-spoken--good mannered," said Tyler Lamarre, a neighbor and fellow Farmington High grad. "I helped him out with a few things here and there and I just can't believe that would ever happen to him. I really can't."

A close high school friend, Kenneth Silva said, "Just a pure soul as charismatic as anyone could ever be, smile from ear to ear always generous. Just a really good guy."

Kevin's family is going to Florida to retrieve his body and assist police with the investigation.

A funeral date has not been set.

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