Cold Case: Milagros Nieves

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Bridgeport Police Unsolved Murder
The Murder Of Milagros Nieves
Date:   9-22-1993 21 Years Ago
Time:   Between 0755 And 1530 Hours
Location:  223 Iranistan Avenue, Bridgeport Apartment 7A
Cause Of Death: Multiple Stab Wounds 25+ Stab Wounds
Manner Of Death: Homicide
Victim:   Milagros Nieves  5-8-44 49 Years Old

By. Christopher J. Lyons

On the date of September 22nd, 1993 Bridgeport Police were called to the address of 223 Iranistan Avenue, in Bridgeport,  on the report of a homicide. When police arrived on scene they found a female later identified as Milagros Nieves lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of her own blood. Police found that the victim had in excess of 25 stab wounds on her body and that her throat had been cut as well. There was no forcible entry to the apartment.

Police found blood stains on the outside apartment doorknob and throughout the apartment including the kitchen area where she was found and in a hallway leading to her bedroom. The bedroom was ransacked with dresser drawers pulled out and clothes strewn around the room.

Milagros Nieves babysat for her 14 month old grand-daughter every day while her daughter was at work. The child, Carmen Diaz was inside of the apartment when her grand-mother was murdered. Police learned that she was dropped off every morning around 0730 hours and picked up in the afternoon.

There was no quick arrest in this case. Police looked for witnesses, gathered evidence from the crime scene  and tried to identify suspects. They  met with and spoke to all of the apartment buildings residents but didn’t get any information concerning the crime.

The investigation into the murder of Milagros Nieves lagged on without resolution and because no new information was received by police. The investigation remained open and took on new life in 2005. In June of 2005 police received information from the Department of Corrections. A letter indicated that a inmate had killed the “lady in the apartment in Bridgeport”.  In 2005 evidence from the crime scene was again submitted to the State Lab for comparison against the inmate. Police still need more information to proceed with an arrest.

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