State adds 11,500 jobs in September

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Connecticut added around 11,500 jobs in the month of September. The numbers,  showing fewer jobs lost than originally thought in August,  were released by the CT Department of Labor Monday morning.

Connecticut's unemployment rate now stands at 6.4 percent, down from  6.6 percent in August. It's the lowest rate we've seen in Connecticut since November 2008.

Gov. Dan Malloy visited Penn Globe in North Branford Monday. The company received a Small Business Express Loan back in 2012. While there, the Governor commented on the September jobs report.

"I feel gratified, it's the highest single monthly jobs numbers since 1993," said Gov. Malloy, “you know we were in a deeper hole than a lot of places, in January of 11', and it's taken awhile to get out."

The Department of Labor also re-adjusted job numbers for August, saying 1,200 jobs were lost. That's less than their original calculation of 3,600 jobs lost for the month.

So what do economists think about the job numbers?

West Hartford Economist Ron Van Winkle said it's important to look the big picture.

"The numbers coming out of the Labor Department this month were very good, they showed a 26,000 job increase over the past twelve months," said Van Winkle,  “Connecticut appears to be getting its legs and beginning to build that recovery."

Van Winkle expects we will continue to see strong job growth in Connecticut.

He even says some industries are talking about labor shortages, naming construction work as an example.

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