Waterbury man accused of sexually assaulting girl back in court Tuesday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The case of a Waterbury man accused of sexually assaulting a 10 year old girl has been transferred to New Haven Superior Court due to the severity of his charges, a judge said Monday.

Monday morning, Desmond James , 23, appeared in Meriden Superior Court on charges of Home Invasion, and Sexual Assault, among others.

According to police, James, who also goes by the name Jose Gonzalez, climbed into the window of a Meriden apartment last week and sexually assaulted the 10-year-old girl while her family was in the house. The girl’s mother spoke to the media outside of court.

“I thank God that they caught him and he’s in jail now, and he won’t be able to hurt no other kid,” she said.

James’s arrest warrant states that police were able to link him to the crime through DNA. He is a felon with a burglary and robbery conviction and his DNA was located in an offender database. The warrant also states that James had two active warrants for his arrest and escaped from his halfway house while on parole before committing the alleged assault.

James is expected to appear in New Haven Superior Court Tuesday. He is held on $1 million.

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  • deavaste

    The lawmakers and cops are still enforcing Nancy Reagan’s war on drugs. So the prisons are overfilled with drug dealers and users with lengthy sentences while child rapists and killers are released early for good behavior. Is society so sick that it believes child rapists and killers are less harmful than people in the drug game?

  • Mary Gresson

    Leave these loosers in jail. If they are full, lets build more. I would be happy to see my tax dollars going towards that then trying to fix these loosers….