Malloy claims victory in governor’s race

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HARTFORD – Gov. Dan Malloy spoke to reporters Wednesday and claimed victory in the contentious race for governor.

He was introduced by Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman to chants of “Four more years,” and he thanked all the people who worked on a campaign.

He said there were plans for his next term in place, focusing on education, infrastructure, and other issues and said he had plans for new taxes. “I’ve got things that need to be done.”

He pledged to fully fund the state retirement plans, but said he would not roll back any of the gun legislation enacted in his first term.

Republican Tom Foley sent an email early in the afternoon to supporters they came close but did not succeed in their effort to unseat the Democrat.

Thank you for your support with my campaign for governor.  We came very close.  Our appeal for change in Connecticut – pro-growth policies including lower taxes, more responsible spending, and more support for job creators – was endorsed by more than 48% of Connecticut voters.  Governor Malloy won this election with fewer votes than we won in 2010.

With 95 percent of precincts reporting on Wednesday afternoon, Malloy is leading with 50.5 percent of the vote, compared to 48.5 percent for Foley.

Foley said his campaign fared better in cities than he did in 2010 when he first lost to Malloy, but lost ground elsewhere because of what he called “relentless negative advertising.”

The two had been in a tight race for months, with Foley looking to avenge his narrow loss to Malloy  in 2010.

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  • greasynick

    Four more years of Higher taxes, Four more years of Lies, Four more years of Danny Boys anti Laws, Four more years of Danny jumping up an down saying this is a makes sense Law, Four more years of companies leaving the state, Four more years of Home foreclosures. The list goes on , Four more years of what ?

    • kma

      So let’s just keep everything the same, rather than at least trying for a change. All those people who complained about we need a change and voted most of the same people into office again should keeps their mouths shut. Enjoy the next four years.

      • revman

        KMA–Maybe you just don’t get it or you don’t drive, own a home or pay taxes, but all I can see is MUCH higher taxes in the near future because middleclass people can’t afford to live in Connecticut. Enjoy YOUR next 4 years I’ll be looking elsewhere to live.

  • Barbara

    In my opinion it’s still close and not all the votes are in according to your page. Maybe the CT people should demand a recount!

  • nonsenseyousay

    Congrats Connecticut, you are officially more stupid than Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts voters. Now the rest of us have to suffer for your ignorance. Notice how Malloy denied raising taxes through the campaign, now the truth comes out. He wants more of the taxpayers money to fund his silly leftist plans. Shame on every single person who voted for this disaster.