American rabbi killed in Jerusalem grew up in Massachusetts

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One of the American rabbis killed in Jerusalem is originally from just over the border in Massachusetts--Rabbi Moshe Twersky, 59, grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Tuesday’s violence is a shock to many in the region who knew him well.

Fox CT spoke with a childhood friend and neighbor of his who was devastated to hear about the horrific, cruel murders at a synagogue in Jerusalem.

Barry Mael lives in Highland Park, New Jersey and was getting ready for morning prayers when he heard about the attack.

Mael's family lived next door to the Twersky family for many years. He used to played with the three Twersky children, and was two years behind the middle child, Moshe.

Mael tells us the Twersky family was very well educated, and leaders in the community. Moshe's father, Rabbi Isadore Twersky was a Harvard professor and the founding director of the Center for Jewish Studies at the university. Moshe's grandfather was an esteemed scholar and also a rabbi.

"They were humble, very bright, friendly, just neighbors and friends, good people," said Mael. "As the story unfolded it gets even worse. It was quiet shocking."

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