Grocery stores restocking shelves to meet demand

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MANCHESTER--Many of those who are sticking around for the holiday are squeezing in some last minute shopping trips.  In some cases, that's putting "the squeeze" on stores trying to stay stocked.

The threat of snow combined with Thanksgiving is a double whammy when it comes to grocery store traffic.

Highland Park Market dubs it "white fright," and it's forcing the store to make extra orders just to keep the staple food items in stock. On Tuesday night shoppers were slinging their way through the store like it was "Super Market Sweep."

"We've been busy because it's the first snowfall of the year that's accumulating to a substantial amount and Thanksgiving! Mix it together and it's the perfect storm for a grocery store," said Molly Devanney of Highland Park Market.

But there was no calm ahead of Wednesday's predicted storm.

"We're about halfway done with our turkey supply" as of 6 p.m. on Tuesdsay said Devanney.

Between dwindling birds in the back and shortages in the front aisles, the frenzy was surely felt.

Shoppers like Janice Cronin were rushing to...beat the rush? "I have a short list so I thought I could knock it out tonight and then I'd be cooking all day tomorrow," said Cronin. She may be cooking while the snowflakes are falling. "I just didn't want to get stuck in the traffic tomorrow in the snow and the sleet and everything else."

But not everyone's phased by the weather or the Thanksgiving worry.

One shopper enthused that she wasn't being scared off by the snow: "I will go out tomorrow."

Another shopper also wasn't being scared by the white stuff. "This is our yearly tradition--we always come on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and buy all our stuff."

The buttermilk is completely gone after Tuesday night's rush, but the market say it will be back in stock by Wednesday morning, just in time for the next rush. However many basics like milk, canned pumpkin and cranberry sauce were still available Tuesday.

Devanney said a late-night shipment of extra food ordered to the store will shore up supplies heading into the Wednesday and Thursday spree. It will be just in time for the true last minute shoppers to check their lists, scan the shelves and scoop the sides.

"We've got that white-fright factor and Thanksgiving today and then tomorrow will be the people that are going to venture out in the snow," said Devanney.

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