North Haven police K-9 injured during investigation

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NORTH HAVEN – A K-9 named Zeus was injured during an investigation around 6:45 p.m. Tueday.

Police were trying to track down a car that had been involved in an earlier accident. They reported a Black BMW hit another car, sending it into a body of water. The BMW left the scene of the crash traveling north on I-91 with one flat tire. A witness later saw the car get off the highway onto Montowese Ave.

Officers searched the Montowese area locating the unoccupied BMW on Quinnipiac Avenue near Moulthroup Street.  Officer Brennan, and his K-9 partner Zeus, arrived and began a search for the driver who was responsible for the incident.  Zeus led Officers south through a residential area while tracking the scent of the suspect.  While going over a metal fence Zeus received a serious injury to his rear leg.  He was transported to Central Animal Hospital where he underwent surgery.  Zeus is expected to be out of service for several weeks while he heals from this injury.

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