Bridgeport firefighters, paramedics deliver unexpected baby at home

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BRIDGEPORT–When firefighters and AMR medics made a house call on Friday, Jan. 9 they were not expecting to deliver a baby.

Tyisha Rodriguez didn’t know she was in labor until her water broke and she called 911. And when acting Lt. David Lenart, Pumper Engineer Shilyan Vega and firefighters Jesse Seto and Ryan Kane responded to a Lee Avenue home, it was quickly apparent that the baby was not going to wait. “Imminent labor,” Lenart said.

AMR Paramedic Scott Worcester and EMT Nancy Chelgren soon arrived, and within a minute or two the baby crowned. While the medics worked, the firefighters helped bring supplies and comfort Tyisha.

“We worked to assist the medics,” said Lenart. “Mom did most of the work. We were just there helping.”

baby2There was a moment of panic during the delivery when Worcester realized the umbilical cord was around the baby’s neck, but he freed the child and the medics suctioned his mouth, and he started to breathe.

Ja’Khi was born weight 8-pounds, 13-ounces.

On Monday several of the responders went to visit Tyisha and her baby boy to see how they were doing and were happy to find them dong well.

This was the first time Worcester has delivered a baby in six years, and Vega said it felt good to get to visit with the patients a few days later. Often, firefighters don’t get to follow up with medical patients. However, in this case Vega invited Tyisha and Ja’Khi to visit the firehouse and take pictures with the baby in a truck.

“We talk a lot about our first responders keeping our kids and families safe in Bridgeport,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “On Friday, they did more than that. They brought a new life into our community. And then they cared enough to come back today to visit their special delivery. As a parent, as mayor and as a father, I can’t thank them enough for what they do every day.”