Some hysterectomies may not be necessary: Study

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A new study from U.C.L.A. is shedding light on why some people are more vulnerable to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  Scientists have linked two gene variants associated with depression to the disorder.  This suggests that heredity influences a person’s risk of developing it.
  P.T.S.D. affects about 7% of Americans.
  A new study found that many hysterectomies are not necessary.
  Researchers from the University of Michigan studied the cases of nearly 3,400 women, and they found that one-in-five patients did not need the procedure.  They also said nearly 40% of the women in the study were not offered an alternative treatment.
  Hysterectomies are the second most commonly performed surgery among women in the U.S., after C-Sections.   About one in three women will undergo the procedure by age 60.
A warning about eyelash extensions – researchers say they don’t protect your eyes like your natural lashes do.
  A new study from Georgia Tech has found that mascara used to lengthen lashes, and eyelash extensions, actually funnel air to the eyes – making them vulnerable to dryness and dirt.
  Normal lashes create a zone of stagnant, or still air, in front of the eyes to protect them from dirt and drying.
  The normal length of lashes is one-third the width of the eyes.