Boston marathon bombing survivor runs again after saying ‘goodbye’ to leg

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Remember Rebekah Gregory DiMartino, the woman who wrote a break-up letter to her leg before after her injuries from the Boston bombing?

Boston Marathon bombing survivor pens breakup letter to her leg

She’s not just up and walking–she’s running!

Rebekah’s goal was to run at the Boston Marathon again, which this year will be on April 20. It seemed like a difficult goal when after months of surgeries and rehab she had to finally realized that to heal she needed amputate the leg.

Well, two weeks ago Rebekah met “Felicia,” her name for her new prosthetic leg.

On Wednesday she tried running, and she was more than just successful!

Here’s what Rebekah had to say: “No stopping now. You WILL see these girls in the Boston Marathon on April 20th 2015!!!!!! Can’t is NOT a word in my vocabulary. Don’t ever make it part of yours!”

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