Hartford Fire captain accuses deputy chief of threatening his job

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Hartford Fire department

 HARTFORD – A Hartford Fire Department captain has alleged that the former assistant fire chief threatened retaliation for the captain’s testimony about a firefighter with a history of alcohol abuse on the job.

In October, Captain Luis Ocasio wrote a sworn statement saying that Deputy Chief Terry Waller threatened his job if he testified at a Department of Public Health hearing on former firefighter Douglas Caldwell.

Ocasio claimed Waller said, “You don’t have to go up there and blow things up or sensationalize things.”

Ocasio then wrote,”Chief Waller then remarked about me being a smart guy, having a valuable and desirable skill set and that my future in the Hartford Fire Department was promising.”

“Chief Waller stated that I would not want that career promise to be jeopardized by my testimony at this hearing,” Ocasio’s statement said.

According to the statement, firefighter Caldwell’s medical response certificate was in question after a slew of on the job alcohol related offenses. As Caldwell’s captain, Ocasio said he was subpoenaed to testify at a hearing on the subject.

Ocasio said Waller questioned DPH’s involvement in the affair and said, “We take care of our own. The strong take care of the weak,” and ,”exposing all this puts a black eye on us as firemen,” during a September 14 phone call.

Fox CT reached out to Waller and the Hartford Fire Department for comment but did not receive a response.

According to city officials, an outside attorney is handling the case and a report will be issued to the city by the end of the month.