How much does smoking really cost?

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Smoking cigarettes isn’t just unhealthy, it’s also expensive, and for people in Connecticut, lighting up may cost you millions in a lifetime.

The website conducted a study on the cost of the habit, and they found that smoking costs the average pack- a-day Connecticut smoker nearly $2,000,000 over a life time.

This puts the state in second place on Wallet Hub’s ranking, behind only Alaska.

The $2,000,000 total isn’t just the cost of cigarettes alone – it also considers other factors, such as lost income from smoking-related illnesses, and higher insurance premiums.




Scientists are experimenting with a pill that can supposedly put jet lag behind you.

The tablets have been created by scientists at Canada’s McGill University.  They said the pill can fool your body into thinking day is night by re-setting your body clock.

The pills were tested successfully on 16 healthy volunteers.

The scientists said we’re still a long way away from the point where the pills are ready to be released to the public, but the research might open the door to innovative therapies for those suffering disrupted sleep patterns.