Police release video of Stamford purse snatching

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STAMFORD -With three violent purse snatchings in Stamford since November, women in the city are being urged to aware of their surroundings.

The latest robbery occurred Monday, just before noontime, outside of the Bedford Street Parking Garage, which is across the street from  the Stamford Town Center shopping mall. The victim was a 25-year-old woman, who was uninjured, but two male suspects managed to wrestle her purse away, then escape.

Police released video shows the incident. Police said they were releasing this video in an attempt to identify two suspects.

“She lost her cell phone and wasn't able to call the cops,” said Lt. Diedrich Hohn, of the Stamford Police Department. “There was about a 15-minute delay in reporting it. If somebody came by and saw that, they might have been able to notify us a little bit quicker.”

A citizen found and turned the purse over to police Tuesday. Police then sent the purse to the state crime lab for testing to see if they could gain any clues to as to who the suspects are. One of the suspects in the video has a North Face jacket and a blue hooded sweatshirt. The other male suspect has a gray hooded sweatshirt with writing on the front.

Police say they are close to making several arrests in a purse snatching of a 70-year-old woman, who was thrown to the ground near the police station on Jan. 7.