State launches investigation after dead and dying goats discovered

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CORNWALL--Dozens of goats are now in the state's care after being seized from a farm in Cornwall.

Connecticut's Department of Agriculture took 74 goats away after several inspections at the Hautboy Hill Farm over several weeks.

According to the search and seizure warrant, goats were found starving, shivering and sick.

On several occasions, inspectors found many dying and dead goats in the barn.  During one of the inspections, baby goats were discovered in grain sacks next to the milking parlor, while a pair of adult goats were found dead in a manure pile.

The goats belong to Tara Bryson of West Suffield, who co-owns Butterfield Farm with Michael Hearl.

They were apparently renting space from the farm in Cornwall to house their goats.

The Department of Agriculture said the criminal investigation was ongoing and charges could be filed.