New evidence reveals gun found near crime scene in Aaron Hernandez case

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FALL RIVER, Mass.--Big developments in the case against Aaron Hernandez were made during trial on Friday as more law enforcement witnesses took the stand.

gun found near lloyd sceneMassachusetts State Trooper Steven Gallagher testified that during a grid search in a wooded area where Odin Lloyd was murdered, he found a .22 caliber pistol.

However, the gun used to kill Lloyd was a .45 and believed to be a glock handgun.

North Attleboro Police Detective Daniel Arrighi testified that the very night after Lloyd's body was discovered he went to Hernandez's home with another state trooper. Arrighi said Hernandez didn't come to the door, but after a while and after they searched around his home to see if anyone was home, Hernandez finally came out.

Arrighi and the trooper approached and questioned Hernandez on the whereabouts of a 2013 Chevrolet Suburban, rented in Hernandez's name, and asked him if it had been stolen.

"He shook his head and stated 'no, my boy 'O' has it,'" Arrighi said.

"O" was a reference to Odin Lloyd.

Arrighi said Hernandez suddenly cut off the conversation and stormed into his house, but later came out and agreed to come down to the police station to talk.