Quinnipiac grad discusses ISIS threat he faced while doing aide work in Iraq

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HAMDEN--A former Quinnipiac student is making strides around the world.

David Hartman spoke with Fox CT via Skype from his current post in Liberia. Hartman is an aide worker who spent much of the last year in the Kurdish reigion Iraq with the Connecticut-based charity Save the Children.

During an attack by ISIS on an American military base where 300 U.S. soldiers are based and training Iraqi military forces Hartman was just 30 kilometers away, but that didn't distract him and his coworkers from the important work they were doing.

"It is something you think about," Hartman said. "It is something that's always on your mind. There is the threat of an incident happening in the city that you're living in. But, it's sort of, you get used to it which is odd but you do get used to living with these threats. It's a coping mechanism I guess."

Hartman just left for Liberia this week where he is working on Save the Children's response to Ebola.