Sandy Hook Commission finalizes official report on the tragedy

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HARTFORD – After countless hours of testimony and research, the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission has finalized its official report. It holds recommendations on school safety, gun violence prevention, and treating mental health problems.

The 200 plus page document was made to understand and try to prevent a similar tragedy. The 16-member panel was created by Governor Malloy after the horrific day. Now two years later its research is in writing.

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“In a lot of ways, we treat this as a moral document.  Not just a fact based analysis,” said Commission Chair Scott Jackson,  “so keeping focus on the victims, keeping focus on what those families are going through every single day has certainly been the driving impetus of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission.”

It begins with a dedication to the 26 victims. The report then goes in-depth on school design.

It also says the state needs to address a quote, “fragmented and underfunded behavioral health system”.

Members listened to law enforcement, school leaders, and of course the Newtown families were a part of the process.

“People have talked about change in the mental health system in the education system, gun laws,” said Commission Member Christopher Lyddy, “now it`s time to look at what we`ve been able to produce and make something happen with it.”

The report will now be presented to the Governor. It`s then up to him and legislators to take action.

“They need to remember how they felt on that tragic day and understand that they are now in a position to make some of the changes that we wanted to all make on the day,” said Jackson.

To read the full report, click here.