Meriden Humane Society struggles from overcrowding, budget constraints

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MERIDEN--- Meriden's Humane Society says it desperately needs help--the non-profit is funded solely on donations, and it is running into big issues with overcrowding.

The humane society reports seeing a dramatic uptick in the number of animals being brought to it's no-kill shelter and rescue facility.

"Times are tough for people, a majority of people are finding difficult to keep their pets," said Marlena DiBianco, director of the Meriden Humane Society.

DiBianco says many pets are being turned in or rescued with significant health problems requiring more extensive care than usual. "We've had dogs come in with the Parvo virus, we've had dogs come recently with teeth issues, skin issues, hip issues, all that," said DiBianco.

The veterinarian bills have put a strain on the operating budget--nearly $50,000 has been spent in vet bills in 2015 already. The humane society's annual budget is around $350,000-$400,000.

Many shelter employees are trying to help anyway possible.

"I've used my mortgage a couple times," DiBianco said.

The humane society is hoping more people will step forward to donate to the facility adopt animals from its shelter.