Baby diapers would be tax-free under new state bill

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HARTFORD — A bill working its way through the Connecticut State Capitol would get rid of the sales tax applied to baby diaper purchases.

House Bill 6595 was introduced by the Committee on Children and has been referred to the House Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonding.

Under current law, there is a tax on baby diapers but not adult diapers.

A review from the Office of Fiscal Analysis finds that if the bill were to be passed, the state would lose an estimated $4.3 million in tax revenue in the following two years.

That loss of revenue could still happen even if the bill doesn’t pass. That’s because starting July 1, clothing and footwear that costs less than $50 will be exempt from sales tax. The state considers baby diapers to be clothing, even disposable ones.

But Gov. Dan Malloy’s proposed budget includes a measure eliminating the under-$50 clothing tax exemption. If that July 1 exemption were to go away under the new budget, bill 6595 may be able to keep diapers tax-free.

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