Defense tries to get Hernandez trial dismissed

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FALL RIVER, Mass.– The defense will present its case in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial on Monday. However, before it could even get to that point, Hernandez’s attorneys tried to end the trial with a motion to acquit.

James Sultan argued the prosecution’s case against the former Patriots star has “gaping holes” in it, including no motive.

Judge Susan Garsh denied the motion and so the trial will resume with defense’s witnesses.

Prominent Connecticut defense attorney Norm Pattis said to not expect to see Hernandez on the stand.

“If Mr. Hernandez testifies he’s got a lot of explaining to do, better to leave the burden of proof on the state rather than transfer it to Mr. Hernandez,” Pattis said. “On balance, I’d tell him not to testify.

Judge Garsh also ruled Friday to give each side, the prosecution and the defense, 90 minutes for closing arguments.

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