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Plenty of moving parts for robotics team headed to world championship

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PLANTSVILLE -- In the world of "First Robotics" they are going for first.

It is March Madness in April for the Southington High School Cyber Knights, the 60-student team that was invited to the Robotics World Championships in St. Louis later this month.

southington robotics team"First" is an acronym meaning "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology," and it is among the top robotics organizations worldwide.

The Cyber Knights spent six weeks building "Oscar," this year's robot. "We built it, we did the math, and we designed it," said Sophia Ricciardi, a junior at Southington High School.

Oscar is programmed to lift, drive, and stack tote boxes -- a challenge that every robotics team in the competition has been assigned. The more boxes stacked, the more points you score. The team from Southington has scored plenty of points, winning the district competition in Hartford on March 29.

Sandra Brino, the Cyber Knights administrative mentor, said, "We've been really fortunate that, year after year, we consistently get hard working students."

The team will head to St. Louis for the world championships on April 22 and will compete against 600 other teams. Tyler Brinton, a Southington High senior, said, "We will bring our stuff and we will represent Southington well."