Watch: 2 year-old DJ has become a viral superstar in South Africa

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SOUTH AFRICA – A two year-old boy, who goes by the name of DJ Arch Jnr, has become a viral sensation after emerging as South Africa’s youngest disc jockey.

The young boy, Oratilwe Hlongwane, is still learning to speak, but already is able to select and play music.  According to the Daily Record, he has already won sponsorship deals on the back of his performances, most recently at a shopping centre in Johannesburg.  Wherever he plays, crowds gather around the toddler as he bops his head to the beat, his large headphones slipping off.

His mother believes DJ Arch Jnr’s natural affinity for music stems from his father’s decision to buy an iPad for this then unborn son.  His father had originally planned to download educational apps to speed up his son’s education, but also ended up downloading a disc jockeying app, as he was an aspiring DJ, himself.

Watch a video of one of DJ Arch Jnr’s sessions below: