Couple didn’t expect ‘fresh prince’ announcement to go viral

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HAPPY VALLEY, Ore. — One couple is channeling Will Smith to make a big announcement to their family.

The two hopped in their car and rapped to track of the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

“When our family and friends, who were up to no go, started asking questions about parenthood, “Mellissa Meek raps, “We told one little lie, said ‘it’s not time yet,’ parents said ‘we’re ready for grand-kids so get a move on it.'”

It turns out the couple was ready and they had good news a short time later.

Melissa and husband Jesse posted the video to YouTube on April 5. A week and a half later the video, just meant for the Meeks’ family and friends, already has more than 3 million views.

Although the baby didn’t come as a surprise, their new-found Internet fame sure has.

“It was completely unexpected. Like, that was the last thing we thought would happen, that it would blow up to what it had, or what it has,” Mellisa┬átold Oregon station WICU. The couple says they may even come out with a sequel when they learn the sex of the baby.