Jurors discuss where the defense fumbled in Aaron Hernandez trial

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FALL RIVER, Mass.--The jury didn't keep everything that was talked about in the deliberation room during the Aaron Hernandez murder trial a secret.

They spoke candidly about the strategies that Hernandez's lawyers used, and spoke about how they came to their decision.

One thing the jurors mentioned was that at one point in the surveillance video it seemed that you could see Hernandez holding a gun. Also, they think the defense's closing arguments were a fatal flaw. "Oh, we were all shocked by that," one juror said of the defense team's admission that Hernandez witnessed the murder of Lloyd. That revelation was not made until closing arguments.

Overall, the jurors said the evidence was more than just circumstantial: it "was compelling," one juror said.

Specifically, one issue the jury found with the defense's case was that Hernandez supposedly told Robert Craft that he was at a club during Lloyd's death.

During a CNN clip it was said that "to this day, we just went through a three-month trial, this is a year and a half or two years later, and we still don't know the exact time of Odin's murder. The jury argued that for Hernandez to tell someone he was at a club during the time of a murder when that time hadn't even been announced created a conundrum that they could not piece together.

The second piece of evidence that jurors found suspicious was Hernandez's lawyers' alternate explanation of what occurred: that his co-defendants shot Lloyd to death while on a PCP-fueled rage.

After the verdict was read the jury seemed relaxed and happy to be done.

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