Middlesex Community College Meriden location will remain open

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MERIDEN — Middlesex Community College’s Meriden Campus will remain open after a Wednesday afternoon reversal of an earlier decision to close the campus.

The Meriden location was on the chopping block after the Board of Regents was tasked with closing a more than $800,000 budget gap due to a substantial cut in the state budget.

The reversal came after intense pressure from both students, and lawmakers at the State Capitol.

The Connecticut House of Representatives along with the State Senate passed legislation which bars the closing of the campus.

Under the proposal, the Board of Regents cannot close the Meriden campus of Middlesex Community College, an associated manufacturing program or any campuses and manufacturing programs it oversees without legislative approval.

Democratic Rep. Roberta Willis called it “unfortunate” the bill was necessary. But she said lawmakers must send a message to the Board of Regents, which is expected to meet Wednesday to discuss the situation.

The board closed the campus in response to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s proposed budget.