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Don’t sit! New study says you should stand at least four hours a day

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In the past, we’ve reported on studies that showed how dangerous too much sitting can be to your health, with links to diabetes, heart disease and dying early.  Well, British researchers have their own recommendations as to how long you should be standing to stay healthy.

They recommended two hours of standing during the work day, and at least two more hours of standing at home – and try not to do it all at once.  Frequent breaks help keep the blood flowing.

Source: Time.com  

 Source: Jsm.bmj.com



Researchers at UConn have found a link between cheating spouses and financial dependence.

For both men and women, the more dependent a person was on their spouse, the more likely they were to cheat, and for men, that effect was especially pronounced.

Men who were completely financially dependent on their spouse cheated 15% of the time in that study.  For women in that situation, the number was just 5%.

The researchers suggested that might be because the man’s masculinity felt extra threatened by not being the main bread winnner.

Source: Uconn.edu

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A new product called the Thync headset claims to let you zap yourself out of a bad mood.

It’s a small white triangle that you stick to your forehead – you control it with a mobile app – and its makers said it sends uses neuro-signaling to activate nerves that either give you an energy boost or calm you down.

The wearable headset will run you about $300.

Source: Engadget.com  

 Source: Thync.com