Adorable Batman-obsessed family photos criticized for crossing line

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HARTFORD, Wis. — Family in Hartford, Wisconsin is getting a lot of likes, but also plenty of heat online because of their family photo shoot. The pictures were a father’s day gift for Mike Daly, who loves Batman.

He dressed up as the Caped Crusader; his baby son Finn dressed as the Boy Wonder, Robin; meanwhile his wife Roxanne was the damsel in distress.

The pictures turned out cute, and they got plenty of love from family and friends on Facebook. However, with the love also came some criticism.

“The people that don’t are going to be the most vocal,” Mike told WDJT.

Many people noticed that the photos were taken on train tracks, and because of that, they commented that the Dalys were putting themselves and their baby in harm’s way, not to mention breaking the law.

According to Wisconsin law, only rail workers and an authorized newspaper reporter can walk along or on train tracks.

“Some people posted our address on the Internet, made threats, say that they are going to show up at our house in the middle of the night,” Mike explained.

His wife Roxanne says she’s scared.

“I was begging him to go to a hotel for the night because I was terrified,” Roxanne said.

The family said they made police aware of the photos and the threats. Authorities have not yet taken action.