Rainbow orbs in the sky: angels or science?

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HARTFORD -- A lot of Fox CT viewers were looking up in to the sky on Wednesday afternoon.

First, Mary D. of Vernon sent us a picture of a cloudy sky with a small rainbow peaking through, and she said it looked like an angel.

When we posted her fabulous photo on Facebook, you guys responded in droves, and a few of you even sent photos that you took today of the same phenomenon!

While there is a more scientific explanation than that it's an angel, the name is still pretty magical: it's called a sun dog.

Sun dogs occur when the clouds are high enough in the atmosphere to create ice crystals. Typically, clouds hang lower down and create water droplets, but the colder temperatures at higher altitudes allow the creation of ice crystals. Those crystals then act as a prism, and when the sun shines through it it creates a rainbow effect.

If you saw a sun dog today you can send us a picture at pictures@foxct.com, and head over to the conversation brewing about the photo here: