25,000 gather in Bridgeport to listen to some vibes

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BRIDGEPORT--Seaside Park will be packed for the next several days as thousands of people swarm in, vibing along to their favorite music.

It is time for the 20th annual Gathering of the Vibes, which has come a long way from being a little tribute concert for Jerry Garcia after his death 20 years ago. At the first event, just 3,500 people attended. Now, 20,000 to 25,000 are expected.

Ken Hays is the founder of the Vibes. "Having Gathering of the Vibes here is truly building a city within a city."

Millie Francis got her keys to the city during year one. She comes to Bridgeport from a town that knows the peace, love and feel good vibe all too well – Woodstock, New York. “It’s exactly the same – the same spirit – great mood”

This year's festival will be a new experience for Alex Purcell, a first-timer. "All my friends like the music, and I've heard it's just a really good time."

Campers have been rolling in, creating a make-shift city. People sell clothes, there are tons of food booths, there's a dance hall, all laid out in an orderly fashion. In addition to the 1,600 volunteers who help run the event, fire and police officials stand by to ensure the crowds are safe.

Festival goers expect this place to be packed over the next four days, however, there are still day tickets for the concerts available. If you come, plan for extra  time – organizers expect long lines at the door and traffic backed up to I-95.