Bristol father and son both win $100,000 from same lottery game

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BRISTOL-- A father and son from Bristol made history Tuesday by becoming the only father-son duo to each win $100,000 in the same Connecticut Lottery game.

Nick Urso  and his son Ben Urso, both of Bristol, won the game "$100,000 Cashword" within months of each other.

Ben Urso, 35, was the first to win the game back in March.  His father Nick Urso, 65, won the very same prize this week.

The crossword puzzle style game costs $10 per ticket.

Nick Urso said he usually buys his lottery ticket at the same Bristol store Ben purchased his winning ticket in March, but stopped at Stafford News & Variety in Bristol one day last week.

"I was on my way to a golf tournament and realized I forgotten to buy a pack of cigarettes to go to the golf course," Urso said.

Nick Urso purchased the two winning "$100,000 Cashword" tickets from Stafford News & Variety.

"I put out on my sun visor, the next day I scratched off, and I couldn't believe it," Urso said.

"He called me, and I had a colorful words that I can't say right now. I was pretty shocked," said Ben Urso.

Urso, 35, purchased his winning ticket in March from Avenue News on 821 Farmington Ave. in Bristol.

"I just was recently laid off from work, and I stopped in the store and bought a ticket, and went home and was scratching it and I couldn't believe it," Urso said.

Urso now works in construction and has been saving for a down payment for a home. He's also thinking about taking a nice vacation. "I've never been to Disney, maybe I'll check that out," Urso said.

As for the dad and his new-found winnings, Nick Urso, says he doesn't have a plan for the money, just yet.

"My wife still works four days a week, We'll see what happens," Urso said.