Naugatuck Police create ‘gripe section’ on social media after negative comments take over post on missing teens

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NAUGATUCK – Naugatuck Police said they have located two teens that were the subject of a search that extended to social media.

Friday morning, police said Alyssa Viveiros, 13, who disappeared from City Hill Middle School around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, was found safe and sound. The staff there say she may have had plans to run away with her 17-year-old boyfriend, Vancasey Cuevas.

Annabella Misteroni, 14, was last seen at her Waterbury residence, where she was staying with one of her parents. Police found Misteroni safe as well.

The information was posted on the Naugatuck Police Department Facebook page. Officers say social media can be a helpful tool when they’re investigating missing persons cases, especially when the posts are shared. But if you read through the comments on these posts, what some people are sharing isn’t helpful, or even nice.

It’s part of Lt. Bryan Cammarata’s job to read all of them.

“You're sifting through the judgmental posts, the comments,  the advice of what parents should do, what the police should do, what everybody under the sun can do,” said Lt. Cammarata.

In addition to Cammarata, detectives working the case often sift through each and every one of those posts looking for tips. So after reading a few negative ones, Cammarata wrote a post of his own:

He says leave your gripes on his post, and only comment on the missing person posts if you’re going to help. Because police know for every missing person reported, there’s a family or group of loved ones counting on officers to do their jobs and bring those people home safely.

Lt. Cammarata said, “The person that's calling police, if it’s important to them it’s got to be important to us.