Police discover torso related to New Haven body parts case

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NEW HAVEN – Police have discovered a torso they believe is related to the discovery of body parts along train tracks earlier this month. Police made the discovery at 274 Crown Street Thursday afternoon.

New Haven police were investigating at 301 George Street, a block away, along with the State Police Major Crime Squad Wednesday night. Police brought cadaver dogs in late Wednesday which led them to the discovery shortly before 1 p.m. Thursday.

“The dogs went into the building with several officers and detectives and they hit on several locations,” said Officer David Hartman, the New Haven police spokesperson.

Ray RobersonPolice spokesperson Hartman said the new remains have not been identified. On Monday, police identified legs that were found on the train tracks as belonging to Ray Roberson, 54, who was known to have spent time in the George Street building. On Wednesday, police learned human arms, found in a plastic bag approximately one block from the legs, also likely belong to Roberson.

The torso was found about six blocks from the legs.

Police said DNA analysis generated a match between the human legs found and Roberson, who was homeless. He was not reported missing. Arms were also found at the site. Thursday, police revealed the arms likely belonged to Roberson.

Police have not yet identified the torso, but they say it is probably it is Roberson's.

Roberson was last seen last seen on May 20, but, according to homeless folks, “it would not be abnormal for him to not be seen for some time and then to resurface,” said Hartman

These revelations led investigators to seek clues from others in New Haven’s homeless community, which stands at nearly 570.  Authorities learned Roberson was known to stay in two now vacant former Salvation Army properties, which back up to one another on George and Crown Streets.

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