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A throw away idea makes for a business in Berlin

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BERLIN-- Trish likes trash. That's her business, in a sense.

Trish Gibson opened "Scraptivity" on August 1, a studio that asks people to donate their recyclables which, in turn, are used for art projects.

Gibson has, essentially, found purpose for her store by repurposing. "The landfills are filling up," Gibson said. "All of these materials are good and still usable so by giving them an outlet they can be used and repurposed."

The small studio is filled with various cast-away goods, cabinet drawers, vinyl records, board games, even bowling pins.

"Everything has a purpose," Gibson laughed.

Chris Edge, Berlin's director of Economic Development, welcomed Scraptivity to the strip mall on Farmington Avenue near the Kensington Market.

"Most of this stuff would be filling dumpsters and trash cans, " Edge said. "Now it's going to be used for art."

The store offers an array of arts and crafts classes for kids and adults, from jewelry making, to landscape painting, to designing beer and wine glasses.

"The mission here is don't throw it out," Gibson said.

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