Bristol family holds contest to give away their home

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BRISTOL – A Bristol couple is holding a contest to give away their home to the person who writes the best and most heartwarming essay.

Ken and Heather Kimball, both 37, moved into their home almost ten years ago, but since then a lot has changed. Their family has doubled in size, and unfortunately, the housing market has taken a turn.

“Within a year or so after we bought it, the market crashed. So we bought at the worst time ever,” explained Heather Kimball.

Now as they’re looking to move to a larger space, they’ve realized selling their 3-bedroom home through traditional means isn’t an option, so they’re looking to give it away.

Entrants have to write a 200-word essay and pay an $85 entry fee. The Kimballs are looking for a family who may not be able to afford a house otherwise.

“There are so many people out there who want a home and they're just never really going to have the chance because of their personal situations,” said Heather. “We’re just looking for someone that has that story that will touch our hearts.”

They hope through the contest fees they’ll be able to pay off the rest of their mortgage, so they can simply hand over the keys to the winner and both families will have a new beginning.
Ken Kimball said, “We’re really looking forward to that moment.”

The contest winner will also be given $5,000 to begin their life in their new home.

The contest deadline is February 28. More information on the contest and how to enter can be found here.