Derby man threatens cab driver, impersonates cop

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ORANGE — Police arrested a man after he threatened to shoot a taxi cab driver and impersonated a police officer.

Police said they went to the Springbrook Common office and business complex Thursday for a disturbance call.

According to authorities, Anthony White, 47, of Derby, had gotten into an argument with a taxicab driver at 240 Indian River Road. White felt that the taxi had blocked his vehicle.

White followed the taxicab driver into one of the offices, where he threatened to shoot them. White then showed the driver a badge and handcuffs, implying he was a police officer. A bystander intervened and White left the area.

Police located White at his home, where he admitted to his involvement in the incident. He claimed he thought the driver would take him more seriously if the driver thought he was a police officer.

Police found three fake police badges, a pair of handcuffs, a replica pistol, and a folding knife. White is charged with threatening, breach of peace, and impersonating an officer.