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7 injured after Amtrak train, heading to Conn., derails in Vermont

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NORTHFIELD, VT -- An Amtrak train heading  toward Connecticut derailed Monday morning in a town just south of Montpelier.  A hospital executive says seven people are in the emergency room after it apparently hit rocks on the track.

Central Vermont Medical Center CEO Judy Tartaglia says the patients have injuries that are not life-threatening. They include neck, back and shoulder pain, lightheadedness and a wrist injury. She says she doesn't expect more patients.

Anyone who has questions about their friends and family who may have been on train 55 should call Amtrak’s emergency hotline at 800-523-9101.

Federal investigators are en route to the site.

The train--which was headed from St. Albans, Vermont to Washington, partially derailed, according to Amtrak. Supposedly the derailment occurred after the train struck a rock slide on the tracks. Dana Huoppi, a spokeswoman with the Montpelier Fire Department, said at least two cars went off the track and over an embankment.

Several dozen passengers have been put on school buses and take to an armory near Norwich University. Ninety-eight people were aboard the train when it derailed, said Hjonis Hanson, a spokesman for Central Vermont Medical Center.

Vermont State Police, local fire and rescue agencies were responding to the scene in Northfield, about 10 miles southwest of Montpelier.

Train 55, also known as the Vermonter, travels from Vermont into Connecticut, before making stops in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and DC.

Through Wednesday, the Train 55 route will originate in Springfield, Massachusetts and head south to Washington, while Train 56, which travels north from Washington, will end its service in Springfield, Massachusetts. Alternate transportation will be provided for the remainder of hte trips.

The railway companies that operate the stretch of tracks where the train derailed have had 54 accidents since 2006, including 14 derailments.

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CNN and the Associated Press contributed to this report.