Shelton man accused of killing his wife has volatile work history

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Thomas Infante is charged with shooting and killing his wife of 27 years, Lisa.

MILFORD – A Shelton man accused of killing his wife Sept. 27 has again been fired from his job with the Trumbull Highway Department.

Thomas Infante, who stands accused of shooting and killing his wife of 27 years, Lisa Infante, during an argument, appeared briefly in Milford Superior Court this morning before Judge Frank Iannotti. He remains in custody on $1.5 million bond. His case was continued until Oct 27.

His employment has been terminated for the second time in five years.

Thomas Infante in court October 8Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst fired Infante Thursday morning in part, for failure to show up for work, but also for a pattern of continued workplace bullying.

“I don’t expect the union to grieve me, but if they grieve me, and we’ve got to go all the way to the state Supreme Court, we will,” said Herbst. “He is not coming back to the town of Trumbull!”

Infante was also fired by Herbst in 2010.

“He shoved very forcefully one employee, who then fell into another employee and one of those employees was seriously injured, cracked his ribs,” said Herbst of the 2010 incident.

The union grieved Herbt’s firing. He was reinstated by an arbitrator “because there was not enough progressive discipline in his file that would’ve sustained my termination,” Herbst said.

“As far as I’m concerned, that has nothing to do with this case whatsoever,” Infante’s attorney, John Gulash, said.

During Infante’s arraignment last week, Gulash described his client as law-abiding, with only a couple of DUIs on his record.

Those DUI’s cost him his job in 1998 with the Trumbull Highway Department. He was reinstated within a year. A source close to the family says Infante’s brother is a supervisor for the Trumbull Highway Department.

“That file was very, very questionable,” said Herbst, who has reviewed Infante’s employment history. “You know, when somebody gets two DUIs and they lose their CDL license – a commercial drivers license – that is so important when you work for a highway department because you’re operating equipment.”

Members of the Echo Hose Ambulance company, in Shelton, where Lisa Infante volunteered, have set up a GoFundMe page set up for her four children. The following is a link to that page.