Dzen Tree Farm to reopen in time for holiday season

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SOUTH WINDSOR–After months of issues, the Dzen Tree Farm is finally making some headway towards reopening in time for the holiday season.

The farm announced over the weekend on its Facebook page that a new access road is being built. It received a 2-acre parcel of land that will give ample room to finish the roadway.

The Christmas tree farm closed last year after the original access farm to the family’s property was paved over by a new home development on Blue Spruce Road, preventing customers from accessing the farm.

Homeowners in that development spoke up at a public meeting over the summer in which the 2-acre parcel of land was negotiated–down from the original 5.2 acres the farm requested–worried about how close the new access road would be to their properties, though they said they supported the reopening of the farm.