Water spout turns into a tornado and rips apart mail truck

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TERRA CEIA, FL — Scary moments on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa, Florida.

A water spout turned tornado traveled across the bridge, and ripped a tractor-trailer to pieces, right there on the road.

Randall Leaver, 56, was inside a U.S. Postal Service mail truck–as a waterspout turned into a tornado- sweeping his truck up in the chaos.

Mail flies around and the truck is damaged, but Leaver eventually walked away uninjured.

“I didn’t think it was anything except a bunch of birds at first until I got closer,” said witness Kent Davis

Davis was one of the couple dozen drivers who suddenly stopped when they saw the commotion.

“We were able to kind of spin around and turn around the opposite way and pull off to the rest area.”

He said the whole thing lasted a matter of seconds.

“That truck was probably no more than 50 yards in front of me when I realized what was going on and I stopped. I’ve never been associated with a tornado or anything that close-but I feel bad for the guy in the truck because that had to be really, really scary because I know I got nervous.”

The tornado also did damage to a nearby construction site.